7 ways to get through traffic without wanting to kill yourself (or anyone else): Writer’s Edition

For those not receiving my Natalie Wrye Newsletter yet (and might I ask: What the hell are you waiting for?), this was my rant for this Tuesday afternoon:


Subject: 7 ways to get through traffic w/o wanting to kill yourself (or anybody else): Writer’s edition
Tuesday is a mo-fo.

Nobody ever tells you that.

Everyone complains about Monday, cries about Monday, but nobody ever considers that Tuesday can feel just as bad–and WORSE…
You’re sitting there, thinking about traffic, dreading it, wondering “HOW many days until the weekend?”
Now, let me stop you right there…

It’s ok if you woke up the way that I did–in a shitty mood, feeling lethargic, just finding it hard to raise your head up out of bed.

Really, it is. Just don’t end your day that way.
Ask yourself one question today, the question that will get you (and, hopefully, ME) through evening traffic…
Who am I?
Have I ever just sat back and thought to myself: “What do I want? And how do I want to get it?” because let’s face it…everybody has, at some point.

In my case, I knew I had a story somewhere in me. True or not, fact-based or fictional, I’m almost certain that every person has their own story to tell, a tale to pass down or across the table, a life that needs to be lived, remembered and recounted (whether that life made-up or not).

I had a story about a mysterious man…and nearly three years ago today, in HORRIFIC Atlanta TRAFFIC of all places, I started writing that story, not caring whether or not it would even be shared with the world.
I based the story on a man I was seeing–a man I no longer even see–but that story changed me, and I haven’t looked back since…
So, here are 7 ways that traffic saved my life:
  • It gave me time to clear my mind. Life was hectic. I’d just gotten a new job and apartment back in Atlanta, and all day long, I was thinking about what assignments I had to do or what crazy catastrophe I had to take care of in my God-awful apartment complex. And then one day, I stopped. I thought about nothing else but what was going in on that car. I thought about relaxing. I thought about writing my story.
  • I learned the value of silence. I cut the radio off for once and listened to my own thoughts. Never guessed that my thoughts would be so loud. I mean, think about the last time you had time to just…THINK?
  • I discovered dictation. “Text-to-talk” in iMessages started my obsession, but then I realized that I could dictate into the “Notes” app. Then I discovered the Dragon Dictation app. (BY ALL MEANS, look into using this app. A game-changer.) I got my thoughts and story out just by speaking into my phone.
  • I learned patience. What was the use in trying to duck and dive through several cars only to get one spot ahead? I started taking my time, dictating my story instead of rushing. My gas mileage was going to be SCREWED either way.
  • I learned the importance of ME time. Not “boss” time or even “family” time, which is SO important, but what about me? The time for me to be myself…BY myself? Can I just NOT worry about anybody’s expectations but my own for a little while? Can’t I just take a minute to breathe and settle in? Suddenly, an hour in traffic suddenly didn’t seem like the end of the world.
  • I learned that everything is not life-or-death. Ok, so my boyfriend’s acting like an entire dick this morning. Ok, so I have a huge assignment to work on as soon as I make it to the office. OKAY. I looked through traffic. I saw some horrific accidents. Some people didn’t even MAKE it to work. Some didn’t even make it home. And while I’m sitting there, complaining, somebody else is wishing that he or she was in my shoes. So, the boyfriend can wait. The assignment can wait. EYE can wait. Nothing is make-or-break.
  • I learned to TAKE LIFE AS IT F**KING COMES. Inspiration can strike anywhere. For me, it happened to be in traffic. For you? It can be something different. And I hope it will be. FIND YOURSELF…even in traffic.


By the way, that story I wrote?
It became a little duet called Behind the Blindfold, now known as the Passion and Pain series.


The FIRST in the Passion and Pain series
    CLICK HERE if you want to take a PEEK at Unbridled – now on Kindle Unlimited    

The SECOND in the Kisses and Crimes series
    CLICK HERE if you want to take a PEEK at Uncovered – now in Kindle Unlimited    
I STILL get excited when I think about this story. Now, GET OUTTA HERE. Go find your story to write.
And if you happen to read the first part of the duet, you’re thinking about writing your own story, or you just feel like you can relate, just hit me back at nataliewrites@nataliewrye.com or reply to this e-mail. I might even surprise you with a copy of Book Two if Book One tickles your fancy.
It’s almost time for me to wrap the day up and head into traffic. I’m going to try to find some inspo myself.

– Nat


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