Friday Fave – EXCERPT 1

Starting a new Excerpt series for my readers and my favorite Romantic Suspense-loving ladies.

EACH Friday, I’m going to post a fave excerpt/passage from one of my novels.

About HALF of these “Friday Faves” are going to be NEW never-before-scene excerpts, (some from new works and some from old).

Can you guess which scenes or stories some of these wild, funny or steamy passages are from…?


I’ve been too stubborn to call, too pig-headed to even pick up the phone. I’d probably be more apologetic if she hadn’t slapped the hell out of me.

It’s pretty useless now, though. She’s back in Memphis, and I’m stuck here in Tampa. There’d be no point in reaching out.

Foxx’s wedding is several months away, and with the exception of Anastasia’s graduation party, there’s no reason for us to even see each other again.

I stop suddenly, hunching my shoulders amidst a cold breeze.

Ana’s party. I nearly forgot.

The youngest Lexington is graduating with her undergrad degree from the University of Central Florida.

As soon as she does, she’s being whisked out of Orlando and into Tampa so she can attend the surprise party that Kat and Elena are throwing.

Good fucking grief, this little clique of ours loves surprise parties.

Foxx and Kat are holding the party at their house. I’m expected to come. I snort at the thought—it’s the last place I’d rather be—but when I turn around to walk back to the office, I feel a twist in my gut.

Who the fuck am I kidding? I want to go to this party. I want to see Elena again.

But why?

She’s been nothing but a pain in the ass since the day we first spoke—a fucking wrecking ball to my personal and professional life.

Even now. If I concentrate hard enough, I can hear her voice. Her deep, breathy sighs. That throaty laugh. It’s a voice that was made for radio… or a phone sex operator.

There’s underlying lust in each breath she takes, evoking images of a slow undressing behind a closed door, heavy pants and hard strokes—sex in hotel hallways as the neighbors listen in.

Her voice is a hand under the skirt, a caress below the belt—a whisper in your ear. It seduces you without your knowledge, dropping your barriers before you know what hits you.

That’s Elena.

She’s the embodiment of silent seduction… and me? I fell right into it. But I was no victim; I was a willing participant, eager for more—and I still need to see… I need to see if our one night was a fluke—if it’s been worth a month of waiting.

I stop before I re-enter our office building, looking down at what used to be my dick. Is that what you’ve been doing? Waiting for her? You useless piece of shit. I can’t believe you. It was just sex. She’s not even your type.

And besides, if you haven’t forgotten… we don’t even like her!

MJB - sliding dress down Susan


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