BLURB REVEAL – #KissesandCrimesTWO

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UNTITLED: A Kisses and Crimes novel TWO releases in early February, peeps, and I’m running a Facebook giveaway to celebrate the release of its official blurb!

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#Passion, #Action and #Thrills combine when Jax Reed, playboy P.I., reunites with his worst nightmare…and wettest dream.



Jackson Reed knew the only thing harder than his head was his insatiable dick.

Sandwiched somewhere between following the law and his own instincts, he made up his own rules in the game of “private investigations”: his sacred version of the Holy Trinity.

And more sex.

He towed the delicate line between the “three” until Penelope Castalano—a former flame he equated to the plague—re-enters his life…and obliterates it.

Fresh from Paris, his best friend’s attorney breaks the only deal they’ve ever made, sauntering back onto the Manhattan scene at a costume party with more to hide than just her face.

And now one fugitive best friend and two broken promises will ignite a new Holy Trinity in Jackson’s hazardous life.

Caught in the midst of a government scandal, an unlikely lust, and an even more unlikely partnership, Jackson will discover that the scales of justice aren’t black or white.

They’re money-green
And all that glitters isn’t gold.


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