Minute by Minute (Round 3) EXCERPT

Can’t BELIEVE the trilogy is complete and the FINAL ROUND of the Games & Diversions series is almost here, GUYSSSS!




(Can ya tell I’m excited here??).


Minute by Minute Title


Round 3 Exclusive Excerpt

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April 20th!

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My eyelids are reaching for the floor, and whatever will I had that drove me to the Tripping Out! office and back is definitely done.
I haven’t slept well in days.
I’ve been floating through the motions, operating somewhere between asleep and awake so much so that I have to clutch my old oak desk to ground myself—trying to regain some semblance of sense, composure—grasping for anything tangible.
Anything that will pull me from this purgatory.
It’s all just so damn confusing.
Dreams. Reality.
The line between them is constantly blurred. My nightmares have taken shape within my waking world, and the worst things I could have imagined have actually come true.
The roles are switched—because my reality is a living nightmare, and my dreams have shifted into pure fantasy.
Half-asleep at my desk, I have a vision of Elena walking in.
Her tread is timid, her delicate feet bare. She rounds the corner into my line of sight, looking heaven-sent, and then she pauses—a white button down hanging loosely on her shoulders, providing a palm-wide peek of skin from neck to hip.
The platinum waves of her hair are casually tossed back, and they emphasize the gold flecks in her eyes—flecks that seem to shimmer under the muted light of my amber desk lamp.
She stands at the threshold of the office, watching… waiting for me to notice her.
And I do—I can’t help but take her in with my eyes.
The heels of her feet tap slowly against the wooden flooring of the office as she moves towards me.
I inhale sharply when she sits abruptly in my lap, my body responding immediately upon impact.
My aching cock grows hard and strong between her legs, and my hands start to itch, dying to touch every part of her scented skin.
In my lap, Elena is not innocently cuddled up; she is straddling me… and the satin and lace of her panties plants itself firmly between my thighs, while each of her bare legs dangles seductively where the arm rests would normally be.
Even fully clothed, I am rock solid, and Elena takes advantage of it, rubbing the top of her slit across my steel-colored slacks, lowering her pussy lips so that they sit on the length of me while the lips on her face lick the skin at my jaw.
I groan, my fingertips trailing along the edge of Elena’s overexposed cleavage.
She unbuttons my collar and shirtfront, biting my chest until her lips press against my abdomen.
Through heavily hooded eyes, I watch her sexy little ass slowly slide backwards onto my knees, her tongue creating a wet trail as she continues to go lower.
And lower.
And lower…
Just when the torture is too sweet, just when I don’t think I can take anymore… the doorbell rings and makes her disappear; it makes me shove the image of her back into the damning oblivion from which she emerged.
In my office chair, I scramble for composure, mentally and physically gathering myself together, tucking in a hard-on that was the result of the realistic fantasy.
I check my watch.
Two o’clock in the morning? Who the fuck could be at my door?
I leap from my office chair, the hard soles of my polished shoes echoing loudly over the hardwood floor.
The wind and rain are still beating outside by the time I make it to the front door, and when I do, I lean into the peephole, tightening a fist at the thought of what I may see beyond it.
I balk.
I open the door… and there she is.
The woman of my explicit wet dreams, looking very explicit—and very wet—on my front step in the pouring rain.
The umbrella she carries isn’t large enough to cover a toddler let alone a curvaceously sculpted woman like her.
Her hair is plastered to her forehead and neck in waves of gold, and the grey shirt she wears is stuck to her like a second skin, its bottom edge practically bleeding into the drenched denim at her hip.
She holds her large black purse in her hand, chockfull of clothes she snatched just this morning from the suitcases left abandoned at my house earlier.
She’s soaked from every angle, and just a minute ago, I was thinking of a few places I’d have no trouble soaking even further.
She bites her lips, nearly shivering from the chilled spring rain.
“Can I come in?” she asks softly… and I shift on my feet.
Goddammit, the universe is an ironically funny son-of-a-bitch.
I step to the side of the door, not saying a word.
The bulge in my pants twitches as Elena pushes past me. She floats further into the depths of my darkened house and into the den.
My traitorous cock has undermined me once again—the bastard
And I couldn’t say no if I goddamn tried.


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