Why I Write

It’s 2:40AM EST on the dot here in Atlanta, GA.

Just got off the phone with the #boytoy (my boyfriend). [He’d kill me if he knew I called him that.]

And I’m sleepy, but I can’t quite lay down.

Today, one of my close friends asked me, “What ever happened to that story you were thinking about publishing?”

A story I finished one year ago.

A story that I randomly uploaded to Amazon on Thanksgiving Day 2014.

A story that no one but my mother even knew that I was self-publishing.

I lied. I told her that the story hadn’t gone anywhere–that I hadn’t decided to do anything with it.

And part of me felt bad. Bad for lying, in general. Bad for committing a sin while God watched.

But a big part of me didn’t.

This friend hadn’t exactly been supportive when I talked about my dreams. She hadn’t been particularly warm or welcoming when I expressed a desire to share stories after having suppressed the feeling for so long throughout college and grad school.

You know why it didn’t feel SO bad?

Because my stories aren’t for her. They’re for you…or you…or you. They’re for the READERS.

I write Romantic Mysteries.

 I write “Guess-Who” games for people that want to jump into a world where life is shadowy, lies are deep, and secrets are earth-shattering.

I write love stories where unlikely couples can make magic happen.

I don’t want to write tales; I want to write journeys–

trips that send you on a roller coaster.

I want your stomach to drop. I want your seat to shake. I want you to take momentary flight.

THAT is why I write.

And I’m not going to feel badly anymore about not sharing my dreams. I’m not going to feel guilty for not letting someone in on the “secret.”

The FANTASTIC book-lovers and people with which I’ve built relationships and had fun and laughed and sometimes even CRIED are more of a support system than I could have EVER asked for.

I APPRECIATE every single person that has read anything I’ve written–whether they’ve loved it, hated it or felt MEH.

If someone wants to join the ride, all they have to do is raise their hand. I’m always driving around, looking for passengers.

You’ll know where to find me. 😉


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