MOVING SUCKS (+ a list of other things that BLOW)


Moving sucks.

I’m having to down-size like a MO-FO because of a lot of lifestyle changes that I’m making. I’m not making NEARLY as much money as I was recently, and while I am infinitely happier, I miss the ease with which I used to do things.

So, my lease is UP (I hate renting), and I’m moving into a smaller unit to save some valuable dough. SIGH. I’m not a big spender as it stands, but still…I’m in the process of going back to living like a broke college student, and that ALWAYS stinks.

Other things that stink?

  • Having a strained relationship with a sibling. My younger brother hasn’t grown up yet, and I don’t know that he ever will. So, of course, this causes massive friction, and I can’t afford to be around the immaturity, anymore.
  • Having a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend lives in NY, and though we see each other often enough (flights here and there), it’s NOT the same as having him here. I miss him. 😦baby pouting
  • Keeping my writing career “close to the chest.” On one hand, I want to shout it from the rooftops. On the other…I want to keep it locked away in a safe where no opposition can touch it. I told a few close friends when I started in the hopes that I would receive their blessings and encouragement. I didn’t. I’ve become very protective of my goals ever since. DOUBLE SIGH. We’ll see how that goes…


  • Paradise Forbidden is being released SOON. I’m tap-tap-tapping away at the laptop amidst the plethora of boxes in my living room.
  • Behind the Blindfold paperbacks are AVAILABLE NOW. And it took long enough!! LOL

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