You think you know…but you have no idea…

Have you ever misjudged someone completely?

Had a preconceived notion blown out of the water?

Wasn’t it scary? Wasn’t it nerve-wracking?

To think that you could be so… WRONG? That the close friend you had was your biggest heckler in the stands?

That the “shallow” girl you encountered was really a gift-wrapped God-send?

And how about that “boy”?

Who knew that he would turn out to be one of the most special people in your life?


Well, I was that misguided person: that person who couldn’t tell “up” from “down,” that woman who didn’t notice the signs…just one short year ago. I gained a little experience, added a little perspective, and finally turned things around. Started seeing people and things for who and what they really are: the good, the bad, the ugly, the BEAUTIFUL. I’ve made new friends, lost some old, discovered new love and left some behind.

Finally finding my way. And it’s about DAMN TIME! (Excuse the outburst. 🙂 )

Next time, I’ll know…

to throw the rule book out the window, let go of the misconceptions about what “should or shouldn’t be.”

I’ll follow my gut, my instincts.

Something special might be around the corner.

(Now… if I can just convince my characters in Paradise Forbidden to recognize it… 😉 )

Trevor shy laugh


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