FIVE (5) Honest Things about Myself

So, I’ve seen the “Five things about yourself” game/tag floating around Facebook. Now, I wasn’t tagged or anything (*sobs uncontrollably*), but I did find it intriguing AND I didn’t want to be left out, SO…

Here I am, forcing “Five honest things about myself” down everyone’s un-inquiring throats 🙂 :

(1) The middle “e” (I love it lower-cased. Don’t ask) in my name stands for Elise. I think I’ve always loved that name. If  I could change it to be my first name, I’m about…eh…98% sure that I would.

(2) I’m a Chipotle addict (Chipot-aholic??). As recently as two months ago, I was eating it 3-4 times a week for dinner and sometimes for lunch! (And yeah, yeah I know it’s fast food, but it’s a healthier option, right? RIGHT??!)

(3) I love to travel, but my wanderlust goes beyond that. I’d like to live for a year in NYC,  year in Miami, a year in LA, a year in Italy, a year in Spain, a year in London, a year… (Get the picture?) I’m a nomad in a writer’s body.

(4) I have, like, a BAJILLION family members. My grandmother had NINE (9) kids, one of whom had TEN. So many uncles, aunts, 3rd, 4th, and 5th cousins…

But my immediate family is KEY. They’re my everything.

(5) I have plenty of cool friends and lots of great associates and coworkers (past & “nearly” present), but only a handful (less than that, actually) know that I write – like, seriously write. I’m pretty protective of my author endeavors. Part of me feels like this belongs to me and me alone.

I just want to share my writing with interested readers.

No questions. No judgments. No opinions.

Just me and my stories.

A little weird, I know, but I’ve never pretended to be much other than this quirky little “book bimbo” in glasses. 😉

Well… I guess that’s it, then.

Thanks for listening and reading and being on this journey with me. (Yes, I’m talking to you: whoever you are out there that, by some amazing miracle, found your way to my blog. *waves like a crazy person*)

P.S. I’m glad this list was limited to only FIVE things. If it got any longer, I was going to start pulling out random anecdotes about some of the crazy stunts I’ve pulled. (Not trying to scare any of my book friends…YET)

P.P.S. I’m still upset that NO. ONE. tagged me in this game. Bitter??… Little bit. 

(Hahahahaha… haha…ha…eh)

Sookie laughing or crying


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