For all of you Behind the Blindfold readers out there, the entire dozen of you (I kid! I kid! LOL), you may have noticed that there is NO EPILOGUE after the series’ finale, Uncovered.

Why not?


I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted the story of Saturday and Mark to end there, and based on what I’ve heard from quite a few readers, I don’t think others were ready for it to end, either.

SO… with that said, be on the lookout for a continuation of Saturday and Mark’s story (saaaay,  in the form of a Stand-alone Novel…? Hmmm…)

(Oh, you thought, like Saturday, that the game was over? Not even close.)

P.S. Mark’s apartment was the scene of an… “Interesting” revelation at the end of the first Volume of Behind the Blindfold.

Here’s what that luxurious loft of his looked like (in my mind, at least):


P.P.S. The story of Trevor and Kat is continuing as well, so don’t count them out, either! 🙂