Big baby authors like me

Sometimes, I wonder: am I the only author that actually cries for my characters? 

When they go through something heart-wrenching (or rather when I put them through something heart-wrenching. lol), I just feel so emotional. I’m usually more of a bad-ass than this. (I mean, not really, but…)

I don’t know…something about Behind the Blindfold: Volume 2 has my emotions up and down.

I’ve grown into such a softy.

The feels


Wait…*wipes tears* before I get too off track, I just want to throw a few meaningful thank you’s out into the web-osphere.

To: Jeannette from Summer’s Book Blog and BB from BestSellers and BestStellars Romance.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading the book and enjoying it! I’m still beside myself that you ladies featured the book and gave it FIVE (*uses fingers to count* 1…2…3…4…5) STARS!

You ladies are amazing for this.

An additional thanks goes out to Tiffany from Renee Entress’s blog. I LOVE detailed reviews. I love to know how a book made someone feel, so her review was absolute *love* for me. I’m so glad she enjoyed it!

Also, Three Girls and a Book Obsession, Red Cheeks Reads, The Book Bellas, Chris’ Book Blog Emporium (I know I’m missing someone else in there)…you ladies get all my cyber hugs and kisses. I’m feeling the love.

Anyyyy….hooo…Nat OUT! (Why does that sound so much better when Ryan Seacreast does it?)


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