New Awakening

Hello to everyone (existing and/or non-existing) reading this!

And no, my name ain’t baby. It’s Natalie. Miss Wrye, if you’re nerdy.

Aaaaaand as you can see from my previous statement, I’m a complete cornball, BUT…

This is my first post of my first blog, and I am veryyyy excited.


I’ve been writing my own fiction stories since I was 6, and now, I am actually releasing my 1st work to the public shortly.

I’m hoping that the people who read this blog will hop on this crazy ride with me, as I try to navigate the scary world of new author-dom.

I’ll share info about my new releases, excerpts from my upcoming stories, and some of my own personal stories. (I mean, this is a blog)

Unlike what my parents had to go through, I won’t make anyone else read my elementary-aged stories: chock full of horrible plot lines, even worse illustrations, and poorly-stapled pages.

And in closing…well…there is no “closing” so I’ll leave you all with this…



Hope you enjoy my ramblings, rants and raves!


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