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Friday Fave – Excerpt 2

Can you guess the story or scene?

Hint: It’s a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN passage.


The stove was hot to the touch. Smoke filled the room.

I slapped at rising flames, trying to smother the blazing grease fire I had just started. Waving a dishtowel, choking on the acrid smell of carbon dioxide, I couldn’t believe how perfectly a kitchen accident was mirroring my life.

I was going to die.

I was going to die of a smoke inhalation and a potential heart attack because the one person I never expected Bishop to tell… he told.

 I instructed Bishop not to tell anyone and he tells…him.

And now I’d stubbed my toe, dropped my food on a gas stove flame and nearly singed my eyebrows off because in the middle of my lunch hour, during the one peaceful time I’d managed to sneak to myself all day, I’d been rudely interrupted.

And not just by anybody…

It had been ten years. Ten years since I’d seen Jackson Reed and he had waltzed right into my apartment as if he belonged there.

He was taller than I remembered—broader. His dark blonde hair was buzzed into a military cut, and a layer of scruff had covered the lower half of his face that hadn’t been there when he was just a teen.

I’d been just a teen… when I loved him. At twenty-seven, I should have been immune to his charms. I should have kicked him the fuck out. I should have done anything besides what I had done.

He smiled at me. He told me “Hi.” 

And you know what I did when I saw him…?

I said “Hi” right back.

And that’s when the phone rang.

My body was jolted, ripped from a dream that was more memory than anything else. I raised my head up off a pile of papers on my desk.

Dazed, confused about where I was, it took me half a second to realize that I was back in my office. That I wasn’t back in D.C. and that I wasn’t in the apartment that I had nearly burned down four years prior.

That was back in Washington. Back when I was just starting out.

Making it in D.C. had been a dream, and back then I felt like I was living it. The apartment I know lived in, in Manhattan, was much bigger than that… and ten more times more lonely.

I was only reminded of it on nights like this.

Nights when I secretly waited for his call.

And as had been customary for the past half of a week, my heart skipped a beat when I realized my phone was actually ringing.

I reached for it, clearing my throat behind my desk, as I prepared myself for what undoubtedly would be a hard conversation. I didn’t even check the caller ID.

If I had… I would have never picked up.


Friday Fave – EXCERPT 1

Starting a new Excerpt series for my readers and my favorite Romantic Suspense-loving ladies.

EACH Friday, I’m going to post a fave excerpt/passage from one of my novels.

About HALF of these “Friday Faves” are going to be NEW never-before-scene excerpts, (some from new works and some from old).

Can you guess which scenes or stories some of these wild, funny or steamy passages are from…?


He’d been too stubborn to call, too pig-headed to even pick up the phone. He would probably be more apologetic if she hadn’t slapped the hell out of him.

It was pretty useless now, though. She was back in Memphis, and he was stuck here in Tampa. There’d be no point in reaching out.

Foxx’s wedding was several months away, and with the exception of Anastasia’s graduation party, there was no reason she and Lukas should even see each other again. He stopped suddenly, hunching his shoulders amidst a cold breeze.

Ana’s party. He nearly forgot.

The youngest Lexington was graduating with her undergrad degree from the University of Central Florida, and as soon as she did, she was being whisked out of Orlando and into Tampa so she could attend the surprise party that Kat and Elena were throwing.

Good fucking grief, that little clique of theirs loved surprise parties.

Foxx and Kat were holding the party at their house. Lukas, of all people, was expected to come. He snorted at the thought—it was the last place he wanted to be—but when he turned around to walk back to the office, he felt a strange and unwanted twist in his gut. He groaned when he realized what it was.

Who the fuck was he kidding? He wanted to go to this party. He wanted to see Elena again.

But why?

She’d been nothing but a pain in the ass since the day they first spoke—a fucking wrecking ball to his personal and professional life. Even at that very second.

If he concentrated hard enough, he could hear her voice. Her deep, breathy sighs. That throaty laugh. Elena had a voice that was made for radio… or a phone sex operator.

There was underlying lust in each breath she took, evoking images of a slow undressing behind a closed door, heavy pants and hard strokes—sex in hotel hallways as the neighbors listened in.

Her voice was a hand under the skirt, a caress below the belt—a whisper in your ear. It seduced you without your knowledge, dropping your barriers before you knew what hit you.

That was Elena.

She was the embodiment of silent seduction… and Lukas? He fell right into it.

But he was no victim; he was a willing participant, eager for more—and he needed to see… He needed to see if their one night was a fluke—if it had been worth a month of waiting.

He stopped before he re-entered his office building, looking down at what used to be his dick. Is that what you’ve been doing? Waiting for her? You useless piece of shit. I can’t believe you. It was just sex. She’s not even your type.

And besides, if you haven’t forgotten… we don’t even like her!

MJB - sliding dress down Susan

BLURB REVEAL – #KissesandCrimesTWO

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#Passion, #Action and #Thrills combine when Jax Reed, playboy P.I., reunites with his worst nightmare…and wettest dream.



Jackson Reed knew the only thing harder than his head was his insatiable dick.

Sandwiched somewhere between following the law and his own instincts, he made up his own rules in the game of “private investigations”: his sacred version of the Holy Trinity.

And more sex.

He towed the delicate line between the “three” until Penelope Castalano—a former flame he equated to the plague—re-enters his life…and obliterates it.

Fresh from Paris, his best friend’s attorney breaks the only deal they’ve ever made, sauntering back onto the Manhattan scene at a costume party with more to hide than just her face.

And now one fugitive best friend and two broken promises will ignite a new Holy Trinity in Jackson’s hazardous life.

Caught in the midst of a government scandal, an unlikely lust, and an even more unlikely partnership, Jackson will discover that the scales of justice aren’t black or white.

They’re money-green
And all that glitters isn’t gold.

#KissesandCrimesTWO – The Prologue

Have you read Fool’s Gold: A Kisses and Crimes novel?

You haven’t…?

You might want to start. Kisses and Crimes TWO is coming up next…


PROLOGUE (Raw and unedited)


Jackson Reed

There were very few things in life I hated more than myself at the moment.

Peas. Peas used to be number one.

I hated them since I was kid, and when my mother tried to make me eat them, I tried to sneak them under the table to the dog.

Didn’t work much, though. He hated them, too.

I hated cats. Abhorred the fuck out of them, actually, and when my high school girlfriend had once left me alone with her cat, Katie, while she made a store run, I’d been this close to launching the scratching bitch out of the window.

Katie the cat, of course. Not, you know… my high school girlfriend. In fact, the girlfriend was the one who launched me in the end.

But still… there used to be things I hated. Things that ticked high up on the “Fuck-you-meter,” and currently?

I was sitting at number one. I was one big fucking mash of peas-cat-Katie-ness.

 All because I couldn’t stop looking at her. Touching her.

And it wasn’t that she wasn’t great as hell to look at…because she was. It was because every time I looked at her, I saw him. I saw the man whose life we ruined.

I saw the face of the man we’d murdered.

In all actuality, I’d seen him often. At the grocery store. On the street. At the local bookshop and at the corner café.

He had the face of the “everyman,” immortalized by what we had done to him. His presence was sprinkled across my daily life, seared into the fabric of every interaction I had with the one woman who I truly blamed for all of this.

The one woman who I’d thought I’d never have to see again.

Up until now.

And now, at this very second, the only thing I can see… is her.

Her bare legs. Her long neck. Her peach-colored hair and even peachier skin.

Nothing has changed in the four years since I’ve seen her. Nothing. She’s just as fucking gorgeous as she was when I’d last left her, and if I hadn’t just smelled her, touched her… kissed her, I’d think that it was all a dream.

I’d think that she was a dream. Or a nightmare come back to haunt me just one last time.

She was always pure sin. Swathed in innocence. Decadent and guileless all at the same time. Somewhere, somehow, I knew it had to be illegal to look the way she does, talk the way she does, feel the way she does.

There had to be something in the law against it. Not that I’d ever been good with the law. Not even when I was enforcing it…

I didn’t like carrying a badge, following rules wasn’t exactly second nature to me, and the only place I liked using handcuffs was in the bedroom.

I had the scratches on my bedposts to prove it.

There were certain things you couldn’t do with a badge. Handcuffing innocent people was supposed to be one of them. But I’d handcuffed her anyway.

I’d made her mine for five days. But she will only remain mine for the next five minutes…

And though I’ll never see her again, though I’ll never run my fingers through that red hair and tug that flippant mouth of hers to mine one last time, I have no regrets.

I’ll keep what we had in this No-Tell Motel a secret because when you really think about it…

Isn’t that exactly what you’re supposed to do?


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The G&D series is on the move!

Ok, guiseee.

The THIRD and FINAL round of the Games & Diversions series has been released from its temporary KDP-Select prison (and don’t get me wrong; I LOVE KDP Select, but…):

It’s OVER.

Minute by Minute is available NOW on iTunes and iBooks–and soon, Kobo.

Minute by Minute teaser

Am the only one excited…?

YEAH, don’t answer that question.

Just click the links!😉


Relax, Relate, RELEASE

This week was a strange week for me. It was a strange week for America.

“Strange” is putting it lightly.

I found myself needing the weekend to just relax, relate, and RELEASE – in more ways than one.

I wrote until my fingers couldn’t write anymore. I purged. I purged EVERYTHING.

Some may make it into my novels. Some may never see the light of day.


If you’re reading this-wherever you are-remember this:

We ALL need time to ourselves-healing time, decompressing time-time for GROWTH.

I took some time today-this weekend.

And it felt good. REALLY GOOD.

It got my focus back on what I love the most – WRITING, and the story that’s currently in my head and heart: The Deal – my newest “frenemies-to-lovers” Romantic Mystery.

I wanted to share a bit before I sink too far back into my weird Author bubble AKA “the writing cave” and I forget.

Find your cave. Appreciate it. And use it when you need to, guys.

Hope this tickles your fancy while you’re in it…

The Deal Teaser #1

A hand—strong and undeniably warm—falls on my lower back, gripping me.

I turn.

“Back already?”

But it isn’t Reed.

Eyes the color of jagged pine stab me in a thousand different places on my body all at once.

He runs a cursory glance over my figure—no more than a second or two—and I feel shattered, my subconscious scattered all over the place as I try to come to grips with what I’m seeing.

Who I’m seeing… and why he’s here…

My director. Mister Impossible.

And the last person I’d expect to see at my ten-year class reunion.


And his eyes are fixated on me in a way that could only be described as ablaze.

Or murderous…

Fire aspires to be as intense as his stare is in this moment; it scorches right through my skin… and I tremble against my own will.

“We need to talk,” he almost growls, sending my sensibilities through the roof.

My hand lands on his arm involuntarily, nearly pushing.

Jesse… What…? How…” I search the room frantically with fearful eyes. “What are you even doing here? This is… I’m obviously in the middle of something here.”

A splash of red decorates the normally pale skin at his neck, and broad strokes of black peek beneath the collar of his white v-neck t-shirt.

He pulls me in close—close enough to see the beginning of a hidden tattoo, and I swallow. Hard.

His touch is familiar—intimate.

To the passerby, we’d look like two lovers sharing a secret.

But this is only the second time he’s ever put his hands on me.

The first time, I’d wanted him to touch more. And honestly, this second time isn’t turning out to be much different than the first.

His hold is firm, but freakishly tender.

He draws his face to mine.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know?” he rasps harshly.

My heart thunders in my ears. “Know what?”

“Come off it, Brooke. You thought I wouldn’t find out?”

“Find out what?”

Words are failing me. I can’t form complete sentences with him this close. Touching me. His hand wrapped around my waist.

Jesse leans in, nearly bringing us nose-to-nose.

“I know what you did…”

Shit. I bite my lip.

That damn Andy spilled the beans.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” I bluff.

“No, I know you know exactly what I’m talking about…”

His brown eyes virtually smolder, and my carefully waxed legs go secretly weak at the knees.

And for the first time in my life, I can’t tell if the crazy little motion is out of fear… or something that is scarily close to being desire…

A day of memorial, sun and fighting relatives


(As you can tell by the title…)

I was going to write about Memorial Day/my dad’s 60th birthday back home in Jersey.

I was going to get into a huge spiel about the DRAMA that going back home/visiting my extended family brings and how cousins’ boyfriends get smacked by uncles and uncles get punched in the face and uncles fight nephews, while brandishing switchblades and…

BOY, do these stories involve a LOT of uncles. (For the record, I have SEVEN uncles in total.)

BUT… I can’t tell these stories.

The news is sad and sickening and, in light of all the horror that has been plaguing my feed on Facebook these days, I just CANNOT do it.

I can’t add another DARK post to the feed… so I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to bring up something that’s “good”…  something that’s been a bright spot for me these past “coupla” weeks…


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.26.03 AM


YUP. So, this is happening…

Going to get into the details in the weeks to come, but, OF COURSE, it’s a ROMANTIC MYSTERY.

Like my other novels, I’m bringing the juice, the smexiness, the laughs and the thrills.

Hoping you guys love this story as much as I am right now…

Blurb and details to come in the next few days for those in the dark.

For now, GOOD NIGHT from NY!

(Up early in the morning so my little vacation to the city won’t turn into a “stay-cation”…)


Round 3 in THREE + Excerpt #2

THREE DAYS until Round 3 is HERE!


If you’re a part of the Natalie Wrye Newsletter (c’moooon, you know you want to), then you’ve seen this Exclusive Excerpt!

If you’re not, then this excerpt is for you.


The grey day has deepened into black, and where the rain fell in a steady shower merely hours ago, it now falls from the heavens in heavy sheets—huge blankets of water that smother the very air in my lungs.

No longer in my suit, I saunter out of my building in soaked black gym wear, the thick humid air making it difficult to distinguish between my own sweat and the condensation outside.

Exhausted does not even begin to describe how I feel.

I walk to the streets outside, and I am overcome with sudden mental and physical fatigue, the effects of my brain and body workouts both putting the brakes on an internal engine that is clearly overrun.

God, I can’t wait until I go home.

My stomach flutters when I realize that I get to go home to Elena. One thought of her cupcake-scented skin, and suddenly, my cock turns into steel.

Even casually dressed, she is beautiful, a sight to see when sashaying around in my oversized work shirts and sandals.

Like this morning.

Her shoulder-length hair constantly shifts in sexy disarray, and even now, when her eyes are sad, they are clear, blue pools of emotion, just as sheer and fucking breathtaking as the day that I met her.

And when she comes…

God, when she comes…

Those blue eyes come completely alive, and all the fire that usually resides in that hot-tempered mouth of hers shoots straight to her irises.

Amazing irises. Fucking unreal irises.

On anyone else they would be nothing but oval-shaped balls of cells and nerves, but on her, they are swirly, sky-blue kaleidoscopes.

They shift from hot to cool; flame to frost, with the flip of a switch… or a touch to her clit

A kiss to her clit… a slow lick to her clit…

Mmmm. My mind continues to wander.

Elena has the type of pussy that begs to be licked—the type of plump, pink lips that almost smile at you, inviting you in… in every way.

I half-smile to myself. As I pass under the covered bridge outside of the building, it turns into a smirk.

I’ve had her pussy in every conceivable way.

And when she’s in my hands, there are so many more ways that I’ve yet to fuck her, so many other ways that I swear I could create.

Because each of these positions is a different knob on her perfect little body, and I have appointed myself the captain at her helm, pushing and pulling the controls to turn her on at my will.

Nothing has ever given me more pleasure.

And it is the very thought of that pleasure—and the realization that I may not have it anymore—that distracts me as I hike across the walkway towards my car.

In the throngs of a full-blown fantasy about Elena’s orgasms, I don’t even open an umbrella, choosing to brave the downpour on the short tour to where I parked.

Even at a normally busy lunch hour, the street is empty, and the few sounds that drift across the cement are not enough to distract me from my vivid daydream.

But the darkly clad man on that empty street is.


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